Friday, October 1, 2010


Ok well bye to this blog. I have never put anything into this and Anthony is not doing anything. I am sorry to anyone who reads this page but this is the end for me. Anthony the blog is yours. I will have my own blog and I hope to have some readers and for you too have success. Sorry if I come across mean but I am just not pround of being part of this blog.

Colin Mythcaster

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trick of the Hybrid

           Ok, so most of you guys probaly are all over the pet hacthing for the hybrid 48 pets. Well I was thinking, is their a way to be more successful in getting the hybrid of your dream. Well there is :) So pretend you have an Orthrus and you want a Grimtooth. If you hatch with a Wraith you have a 25 percent of getting a Orthrus, Wraith, and the other 50 percent is divided for the two hybrids. Now if you want to narrow it down to the Grimtooth and the Orhtrus just hacth with a Grimtooth. Think about it, now you have a  50 percent Orthrus and Grimtooth chance. So this is a method you can use to get the hybrid you want or you could do this with a pet you want. Ex. You have a Firecat and you want a Storm Hound just mix and you could get a Storm Hound. Thanks for listening. Hope this helps.

See you in the Spiral- Colin Mythcaster

Monday, September 27, 2010

Celestia Reveal #13

Here it is the new wallpaper. Can you see it? This one is small. Could it be a pet? Leave a comment

See you in the Spiral -Colin Mythcaster

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week of Wonder

           This week has been filled with lots of things that have happened in the spiral and in the community. Like the Selena Gomez quests and the shark mount being released. I have been able this weekend to complete the quest 3x. On my life, myth, and my new death char. Anthony has done this the same but with his fire, balance, and new storm. Personally I think the shark mount is a little over priced. One is it's just as fast as the other mounts that are out and the only time I think I would buy it is if it was for charity. Here are some picture with caption from the Selena Gomez quests.

Life wiz dancing with Selena

Myth wiz dancing with Selena

                                                                   A Poem to Selena

 The scenery

Charlie looks like an Olympic Swimmer

     On a another subject, Ravenwood Radio episode 25 was Wednesday. I am a big fan of Ravenwood Radio and was a fan of Wandcast. This weeks show was on the fire school with guest speakers, Ronan Dawn and Cassandra Hexthorn. I learned a lot about this school that I had not looked at closely enough. As usual there was a segment from the Fabricated American, Ditto and a nice treat from The Friendly Necromancer. I love that song Friendly.

      And last but not least I got my minotaur up to ancient and it got Myth shot so now my Minotaur gives me 150 health and 5 percent myth accuracy. Also I played my life wizard and got him past Shirkitiki temple I know I spelled that wrong. Now I wait in till Celestia once again

See you in the Spiral - Colin Mythcaster

Friday, September 17, 2010

Apologizes / Catch Up Episode 1

OK I am very sorry for not posting for a length of seven days. We both have been transitioning back into school and been busy with that and homework. :(   I hope this never happens again. I just wanted to say that we are alive and have not fallen off the edge of the world. Second we are now striving to make are post longer. We currently have been post little snip bits of the news and what have been going on with are wizards.

In other news we have not had a lot off playing time but I have finally received the minotaur pet from Yokai (Sorry if I spelled that wrong). Currently the minotaur, which I named Charlie, is half-way to ancient! On the other hand it has so far only learn one talent that I like which is a health gift or something like that. I wanted that pet because it has good talents for myth like myth traps, myth shot, myth shield, and myth strength. Last but not lease I just want to thank the people who read are blog. We aren't that popular but we still love make this blog and will continue it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Test Realm.

The test realm is now open!  You can now play the new quest "Round and Round" in the test realm. However it wont get you entered into the contest. If you dont know about the contest, Wizard101 is doing a raffel for whoever can finish the quest in the Real Realm! The quest is open to anybody levels 6 and up. The winner will get an autograph photo of Salena Gomez! The 25 second prize winners will get a shark mount. Good luck in the contest!

-Anthony DragonHammer

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Did you see the new SPELLS

Look at this video 

Did anyone catch the new spells? I saw two spells in that video. An egyptain bird like creature for Balance and a genie for Fire. Sorry I have lot of homeowrk this week so I have not been able to blog every day.

See you in the Spiral -Colin Mythcaster